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American Sweets

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American Sweets was once one of the most popular online retailers of American candy products. Unfortunately despite establishing themselves in one of the most powerful Google positions, they were unable to sustain their business and ceased trading in 2015.

American Sweets has now returned to its top position on Google and still maintains a customer database over over 80,000.

Case Study

One of our existing clients instructed us to acquire the American Sweets domain before the website was shut down. The domain was acquired and we worked around the clock to get a replacement store with over 3000 products online within a matter of days.

We designed and commissioned a revolutionary new system to allow our client to operate completely different websites under seperate brands and domains, whilst sharing the same stock file as their master website.

Our clients are now operating American Sweets alongside their existing business, and dominate the top 3 positions in Google for their industries most relevant keywords.